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Helping People

The Best Hope for the Future is Solid Tools for Handling Life.

  • Multiple Therapeutic Strategies
  • Non-Judgmental Environment
  • Over 25 years of experience

Life is full of challenges and we are here to help you work through them at your own pace. 

We provide a practical non-judgmental approach that focuses on helping you overcome obstacles based on where you are.

Karma Brownlee Limon

President, LMFT

Practice Areas

Couples Therapy

We help you learn to express your feelings in productive ways. You can learn to communicate with each other so that both parties feel heard and understood. You can also learn how to compromise and get on the same page with things such as chores, kids, parenting, etc.  Start working together to build skills and techniques that move your relationship in a healthy and fulfilling direction.

Anxiety & Depression

We utilize the Cognitive Behavioral approach to work through your anxiety and/or depression. We will help you reduce your symptoms by working on helping you get to the root of the issues. We teach coping skills to use when the symptoms start to increase and we help you identify how to counter those feelings before, they become overwhelming.  Being able to keep your anxiety and depression under control is life changing.

Individual Therapy

We provide a supportive space to work on issues that are going on in your life. A professional listening ear to bounce ideas off of, that is not tied to friends and family offers a more freeing way to express yourself. We have a nonjudgmental approach that can help provide skills and techniques that you can use to work through your individual challenges.


Unfortunately, we sometimes go through very serious traumas in our lives. Here, we can help you work through these traumas, so they do not keep haunting you. This is a safe confidential space to express the hard things surrounding these traumatic events in your life.

Anger Management

Do you find yourself struggling to regulate your emotions? There are various techniques, coping skills, and strategies to help regulate these emotions so you’re expressing your anger in health ways.  It’s never too late to feel comfortable with your emotions and master them to enrich your life and your relationships with family, co-workers, and friends. 

Parenting Skills

People tend to say parenting does not come with a handbook and that is true, but we can help be that handbook. Our therapists will follow your lead and offer helpful guidance on your parenting journey. We provide psychoeducation on boundary setting, how best to utilize rewards and consequences and teach skills to help children/teens regulate their emotions.

Social Skills

Do you have anxiety when you go to social events such as parties or get together? Do you struggle thinking about going to work or landing that job interview because your anxiety kicks in? We can help you learn to lower your anxiety and increase your ability to socialize in a productive, healthy way.


Our therapists can help you work through the underlying issues that contribute to lowering your self-esteem and provide skills and techniques to rebuild that confidence locked way inside you. We help you learn how to set healthy boundaries with yourself and others, so negativity bounces off of you, your head is held high, and life becomes more manageable.